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Friday, December 12, 2008

Final Post

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that this will be my last post on the site. Thank you for those who have viewed my shared theories and opinions on the numerous topics we discussed in Critical Theory class. This post serves as a wrap up to make sense of everything we have covered since day one.

The most important aspect I learned about theory is that it can really be applied to everyday life. I know when I encounter certain topics, symbols, and phrases I will be able to use the terminology learned and better make sense of what I see. The theory I will most take from this class is Marxism. It is very evident that a lot of literature in our history deals with things of the political matter, and focuses on social class status. Feminism was also a really important theory for me to learn and understand. From this segment I have learned that there is more to feminism than traditional stereotypes and judgments people place under the term. In theory feminism is all about equal rights between men and women, which we have yet to accomplish still today.

Lastly, although confusing I still took away important factors of Post Structuralism. I still do not have a full understanding of what it all means, but then again who really does? I do know from post structuralism ideals that even the smallest phrases and single words and can interpreted differently depending on the reader. There is really no ultimate truth in literature, as there is no one real truth in life. I will attempt to apply these theories learned whenever useful, and I’ll try to avoid deconstructing take out menus.

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